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UV-C Light...

UV-C light has been used for more than 35 years
Proven to eliminate various viruses in air, water and surfaces.

If it is introduced into an environment, it destroys the genetic
Material – either DNA or RNA from viruses and bacteria – and
thereby making them inactive and incapable of reproducing and infecting themselves.

UV-C light, like UV-A and UV-B, comes mainly from the sun, but can come from man-made sources. Numerous studies based on the results of the practical use of UV-C light have shown that when used correctly, bacteria, viruses and germs can be eradicated.

CoronaKills Mini UV Sanitizer the innovative product

CoronaKills Mini UV-C Santizer is an innovation that facilitates the sterilization process of surfaces. It’s a mini UV disinfectant that uses UV-C light to disinfect surfaces in homes, cars, and offices.              It is a carefully designed pocket-sized device that destroys all microorganisms present on any surface it is introduced onto.

Our CoronaKills Mini UV sanitizer product has been tested for quality and safety. It is safe to use on personal items like your phone. We believe it is possible to live with viruses without being affected by them. And with mini UV sanitizer you can be sure that you are safe both inside and outside your home.